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We transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.


  • We tailor make each journey, taking into account our guest’s passions and interests. The more you tell us, the more we are able to do this.
  • Our journeys include authentic and local experiences; encounters with local experts and colourful Australian characters.
  • We truly do design our journeys to enrich, surprise, delight and captivate the travellers.
  • We know the intricacies of each region and how best to reveal what makes them special.
  • Our entire team travels to various parts of the country – we are always out & about discovering more.
  • We draw on a big pool of relationships to create unique experiences.
  • We have developed a range of unique ‘Alquemie Exclusive’ touring experiences – only available through Alquemie
  • Our network of contacts around the country is second to none and means we are uniquely well-informed to design an experience of Australia that goes to the heart of the country.
  • Most importantly – our creativity! High-end experiential travel borders on event management. Ask us about the more creative things we have arranged for clients.

Our goal is to leave every guest spellbound after their journey in Australia. With this in mind, we prefer to craft the entire Australian experience from the moment you step onto our beautiful continent. This allows us to reveal the magic of Australia through a carefully constructed itinerary that will enchant, educate and surprise. Our mantra: ‘anybody can book accommodation, where we add value is by layering in the magic’.

With expertise, we will weave together any or all of the following:

Bespoke experiences • Private Tours  • Special interest guides  • Accommodation  • Yacht charter  • Dining  • Air safari • Light aircraft • Jet • Heli • Rail • Transfers • Self-drive


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Alquemie specialises in creating magical high-end experiential travel and tailor-made itineraries around Australia. Initially aimed at supporting high-end nature based safari experiences across Australia, our portfolio originally included a range of stations, homesteads, bush camps, island and private guides that were off the mainstream tourism radar and were the result of extensive travel and research. This knowledge of and passion for the wilder parts of Australia still runs strongly through the business and has been encapsulated in the experiences we offer.
The business was expanded to offer a broader range of experiences (urban, outback and coastal) across the country to provide a complete tailor-made service across Australia for high-end clients looking for an altogether more immersive experience of Australia. The ethos of the company is in creating experiences around the country that transform the ‘ordinary into the extraordinary’, above and beyond the traditional luxury properties/services that are overtly marketed for Australia.


Our passionate team of specialists bring together leading experts, experiences, and products to tailor an itinerary specific to the interests and profile of each traveller. Each trip has its own unique character and influence.

Jamie Strickland, General Manager

Jamie Strickland, General Manager

I grew up with the iconic Aussie childhood of sand & surf and was born and raised in Coffs Harbour, so I know the secret travel spots of mid-north coast of New South Wales up to Byron Bay really well. During the 70’s my grandmother was a cook at Pine Tree Lodge on Lord Howe Island, and I spent many school holidays exploring the island. It’s one of Australia’s most idyllic places.

In 1990 I joined the travel industry and spent many years travelling the far reaches of the world, however since joining Alquemie I have become aware of all the beautiful places in my own backyard that I previously didn’t realise existed. I’m excited that others will get to discover them as well.

Amanda Fisher, Australian Specialist

Amanda Fisher
Amanda Fisher
Amanda Fisher, Australian Specialist

I grew up in Perth, a child of the 60’s and if I was asked to describe the first decade of my life I would say you are better off to read Tim Winton’s ‘Cloudstreet’. It is one of my favourite books as it describes the suburbs that are familiar to me. My grandparent’s breakfast nook, their back garden with compost pit and grape vine, their Sunday lunch table could all have inspired Tim’s writings.

My early working years were spent in airlines, hotels and travel companies – the foundations of a career that I found by chance and by travel. I have lived in Rome, Dubai and India, I have travelled extensively through Africa and Europe. En route I have spent time in major US and Asian cities and yet there is so much more. I think I have been to 54 countries, I think I have another 54 on my wish list!!

For about 17 years I specialised in arranging up-market travel to Africa, I loved the luxury lodges, the rustic camps, exotic islands and being in the bush, learning from expert and passionate guides. Incredible India has been another favourite of mine. I love that it is so varied; around every corner, over every hill everything changes – language, religion, cuisine, clothing, history and more.

In 2007, having spent years arranging travel to India and Africa for people from all over the world, I felt it was time to focus on my own home country. Australia has so much to offer – vast unspoilt wilderness areas, a unique flora & fauna, friendly and fun people and stunning cities. More importantly, Australia now offers more than the stock-standard-five-star-hotel-luxury type of travel; the Australian travel scene is now all about the experience, some of it in luxury, some of it exclusive and some of it adventure based – but all of it delivered with real passion. And that’s exciting to me!

Natalia Leal, Product & System Specialist

Natalia Leal, Product & System Specialist

I’m from South America. I grew up in a large city in the northwest of Colombia but moved overseas when I was 22. I worked in a 5* resort in the Dominican Republic for 4 years, a paradisiacal Island in the middle of the Caribbean. That was my first time working with people from all different nationalities, languages and backgrounds and I loved it! I couldn’t wait to see more of the world.

In 2003 I moved to Australia, which is now my favourite place to live – the only downside is the distance from Colombia! I came here for 6 months and it’s now been more than 11 years! I continued to work with hotels for a few years in Sydney, but in 2005 I decided to try something different and more related to my career – I studied Business Administration at Uni. I then worked in a financial company for a while, but I realised that it wasn’t for me and that I really missed working in tourism. My biggest passion is travelling, so what better line of work for me than the travel industry?

After a couple more years in the hotel industry, I started to work with a large Inbound Tour Operator, which was an amazing experience. I learned more and more about all the places to see and to visit in Australia and about a wider range of services and products. This experience widened my horizons in the travel industry and I fell more in love with Australia as a travel destination. In September 2013 I joined Alquemie which has been an exciting opportunity to learn more about this amazing country and all it has to offer, and to help more and more people realise their dream of visiting Australia… Very much in style!

I’ve travelled a lot around Australia and I’ve also visited about 25 other countries around the world. And the more I travel, the more I want to continue doing it and discovering all the wonders of the world and its people and cultures. I speak Spanish, English and have started learning French. My goal is to speak at least 5 languages!

Anthony Radic, Australian Specialist

Anthony Radic
Anthony Radic, Australian Specialist

Born and raised on Bondi Beach I feel I know Sydney like the back of my hand. Raised by Croatian parents I was lucky enough to travel overseas often to see family and it felt like my second home on the other side of the world. It was these trips in which there started the passion!

After finishing school, I travelled regularly through Europe and Asia. My day job of ten years working within the retail sector was perfect to support my wandering spirit. I studied a multitude of various courses that never really spoke to me and for some reason I always denied the burning flame inside of me.

A couple of years ago I decided if I love this so much, it’s time to make it my career. Changing my career completely I decided to partake in a stint in studying Travel & Tourism. After graduating and one more overseas trip I was lucky enough to join the team here at Alquemie!

I’ve been inspired about travel, cultures and cities my entire life and what I really began to discover is that the most amazing experiences lie right here on my very doorstep. Alquemie is helping fuel my passion and has enhanced my knowledge bank of all the corners of Australia.

Now I’m ready to show the international market exactly what our own country has to offer!

Susie Sountornsorn, Australian Specialist

Susie Sountornsorn, Australian Specialist

My native background is Thai but from the age of two I have been an Aussie and I grew up in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. As I grew up we travelled back to Bangkok to visit relatives almost every year. I loved the opportunity to see Thailand from a local’s perspective – I felt like a happy, lucky foreigner in my own country.

I was keen to see more of the world and at the age of 19 I moved to Melbourne and joined the Royal Australian Navy. Six years of travelling the world, visiting some amazing places in the Middle East, South-East Asia and all around Australia only gave me a desire for more!

In 2009 I left the Navy and Australia for a Post-Graduate Degree in Hotel Management in Montreux, Switzerland. From there I began working in some of the best hotels in the world starting with the Ritz Carlton in Portugal, Mandarin Oriental in London then finally Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. My driving force was always to see more of the world and experience the food and people from each culture.

After many years of living overseas it was eventually time to come home to Australia and once again I took a side-ways leap to land with my feet under a desk at Alquemie. Yes it is still the hospitality industry but it is very different to hosting guests in a hotel – now I get to host our guests as they travel across our amazing country and I work with them to show them Australia from a locals perspective – I want them to feel happy and lucky!

Derek Li, Australian Specialist

Derek Li
Derek Li, Australian Specialist

A native of Beijing, I grew up in the ancient Hutongs dating back to the Yuan Dynasty. As a young kid I would ride my bike along the streets of Beijing past many of the historical sites in my neighborhood, this was the most joyful thing to do. I always knew my life would be related to travel.

Following university I became a tour guide showing international visitors the history and culture of my hometown, Beijing.  Whilst I greatly enjoyed showing people the many fascinating sites of ancient China, the best part was showing and sharing our way of life with our visitors.

In 2009 I started working as a travel designer with one of China’s premier travel consultancies. As a travel designer I always seek to know my client’s interests and connect it to the itinerary. I believe that creating life-changing experiences is the ultimate goal.

First moving to Sydney, Australia in 2012 my exploration of this beautiful country has never ended. Every day I am surprised with its beauty and nature. This is now my second hometown where I happily live with my partner, and look forward to seeing you here.

Nicola Billens, Marketing

Nicola Billens, Marketing

I feel like I was born to travel. From an early age my parents took my sister and I on international and domestic holidays but the turning point was when I finished school in Australia and spent a year living in France as an exchange student. The initial culture shock was huge but it’s what I thrive on now.

Since then I’ve travelled to over 50 countries and have been lucky enough to have the most amazing experiences that many only dream of. Many of them have been in warm climates so the next few I visit will be covered in ice. I’m keen to see how cultures and animals survive in extremely cold conditions.

Until I worked with Alquemie I never gave my home country the credit it deserved but the more I discover about Australia, the more I’m blown away by it. I truly believe it’s the next big travel destination – there are so many magical hidden places just waiting to be revealed to those who seek them.

Charles Carlow, Advisor

Charles Carlow, Advisor

Travel, almost since birth, has been an integral part of my life. Although born in Australia, I was packed off to school in England at the early age of 8 years and remained there for much of my education through to a geography degree in Edinburgh, Scotland.

A trip to my mother’s homeland, Kenya, when I was 11 years old sparked an interest in wildlife that has flourished over the years and spawned many trips back to Africa. My father’s working life was in Australia and South-East Asia, a linkage that took itself back through a family business established by his great grandfather as an early investor in Australia’s beef industry and cold storage businesses in South-east Asia.

After years living and working in various regions around the the world I returned to Australia to work with a nature tour operator/conservationist based in Canberra. Following this I spent almost a year searching out the right places and people around Australia, who I felt had the natural location, the charisma and the knowledge to provide an experience of the “real Australia” rather than the somewhat contrived versions that many visitors to the country experience from the air-conditioned confines of a mini bus, or the 5 star international luxury of a coastal resort.


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